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New generation

  • Moved into new terminal in January 2016.
  • After 26 years’ service Marcus Peglow appointed General Manager on August 12, 2016.
  • On the same day, Dennis Sterzer, a long serving member of our management team was granted Authority to act on behalf of the company (Handlungsvollmacht)
  • Denny Schunke joined the Operations Department in 2015.
  • The new management structure will pave the way for the successful development of the company in the coming decades.

Marcus Peglow - CV

1990  Apprenticeship at Nord-Logistik
1992 Training as Forwarding Specialist at Nord-Logistik
1995 Dispatcher at Nord-Logistik


Transfer to Combitrans (Swedish State Railway) as head of dispatch department reporting to General Manager Peter Rose
1998 Head of dispatch department at Nord-Logistik
2001 Forwarding manager at Nord-Logistic
2008 Responsible for Development Projects within HIT/PostNord


Transfer to PostNord (Danish & Swedish Mail) as Forwarding Manager Reporting to Managing Director P. Rothenpieler
2016 Appointed General Manager of Nord-Logistik GmbH