Quality means thinking and acting in terms of the expectations of our customers.

The acceptance of basic ethical principles ensures that race, colour, religious affiliation, gender, age, origin or sexual orientation do not lead to discrimination in hiring and employment. We attach great importance to environmental compatibility and environmental protection in all our operations. We minimize the emission of our vehicle fleet by using trucks complying with the latest Euro-6 standard and the deployment of Giga-Liners.

Marcus Peglow
Managing Director

We accept responsibility!

Statement of Principle as to the Quality Policy of the Nord-Logistik GmbH

Nord-Logistik GmbH is a logistic service company based at Lübeck-Travemünde. Our core competence is the transportation and warehousing of goods for domestic and international customers. With our commitment to quality, our expertise, innovations and on-time delivery record we have been able to expand our client base beyond the borders of Germany. Our quality policy pursues a single objective to meeting customer’s expectations through competitive prices at all times. One of the most important corporate objectives is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers by the strict adherence to our quality standards.

The provisions of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 form the basis of the quality management of the Nord-Logistik GmbH. The management and all employees are committed to include both our quality objectives and economic aspects in their daily work. Only through the effective and efficient adherence to our quality policy can revenue target be achieved, market share increased and the existence of the enterprise be secured. To be able to master this challenge a comprehensive, logically linked QA System according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 was introduced and maintained since. In this respect all employees are obliged to make their contribution as to the adherence to company policy especially in the quality area.

An effective QMA System ...

  • Increases our competitiveness
  • Improves our compatibility with the supply chain management systems of our customers.
  • Strengthens our error prevention
  • Reduces liability risks
  • Improves our operational efficiency
  • Establishes the basis for an effective optimization of our work processes.
  • Assists us to establish a Continuous Improvement policy for quality